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Looking for advice how to make our backyard more cozy and inviting

G Drusc
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I am looking for some frugal ways to liven up my backyard. The table and 6 chairs we have must stay, but I am open to any other suggestions. The pavers are also new. The flowers attached to the wall came with the house so I am not opposed to taking them down. I want to add some sort of shade to the table area, but I prefer not to buy a traditional umbrella. I was thinking an awning or other idea.

The hammock is taking up a lot of room where I think I could possibly utilize the space better. I am open to getting rid of it.

The water table is normally put away and not out like this.

Another view of the table area.

This is a photo of our house prior to us moving in that shows the small area to the left where the hammock is now (see picture 2). The hammock is way too big for the space and doesn't use the space wisely. The furniture/plant in this photo is the former owners.

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