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applying square foot gardening to container gardening! HELP!

Amy Wickett
5 years ago

Just to clarify, I'm not using a 4' x 4' box/raised bed; I don't have one, nor can I afford one at the time. Even if I could afford a 4' x 4' raised bed, I wouldn't be able to afford filling the the box/raised bed.

Although I'm not using the 4' x 4' raised bed itself, I'm doing container gardening, and using the planting guidelines Mel suggests (4" plant spacing=9 plants per square foot; 3" spacing=16 per square foot; 12" plant spacing=1 plant per square foot; 6" spacing=4 per square foot).

Somebody said I can figure out the square footage of my containers by multiplying the length x width of the container and dividing that by 144 and you will get the square footage of your container (you use 144 since a 1' x 1' square is the equivalent of 12" x 12" and 12 x 12=144)

I'll list an example of this below with one of my containers....

23 x 16=368; 368 divided by 144=2.5 square feet.

However what I'm confused about is how many 1' x 1' squares can I put for the container size I listed? It is 58 quarts, which is the equivalent of 14.5 gallons.

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