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Cellular shades or other options for windows?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi folks, I wanted advice on window covering for my bedroom. I tossed the filthy old shades when my remodeling project started. Now that I've moved back into the bedroom, I need something new. Using temporary shades for now.

Privacy and light control are important. My windows are right on my neighbor's patio and driveway. I'd like a black-out option so I don't wake up with the sun in the summer. That said, the windows are large and nice, so want to be able to enjoy the light during the day--without it waking me up and neighbors seeing in!

I was thinking Bali cordless sun up/sun down option from Costco, with black-out on the bottom and light-filtering or sheer on top. For me the big drawback is cleaning; my house seems to get very dusty with the big dog, and the shades get dirty and are hard to clean. Also they are pricey, though I don't mind if it's the best option.

  • Any other options I should consider?
  • Advice on brands or retailers to order from?
  • For daytime, would you do the light-filtering or sheer? Light-filtering would be better for privacy but sheer would give more light. Windows face south and west.

Room is still work in progress! Thanks in advance!

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