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Off center fireplace help...

Janelle Van
5 years ago

Our off center fireplace drives me crazy. We are doing a whole level remodel so I can reface this thing however I want. I am thinking about extending the stone to the left which will still leave the fire off center but the stone will be more centered for our furniture. I was thinking about going half way up the wall because I thought a wide fireplace to the ceiling in a room with 8 foot ceilings might be a bit too much. But I found this picture and it seems to look okay. I'm not sure why :). Maybe because the stone is light in color? What do you think about this look with an off center fireplace. My fireplace is at floor level, if that makes a difference.

This is what i currently have - trying to mock this up a bit with my new flooring :)

I would keep something like this to the left of the fireplace to balance things a bit -

Any other ideas? It still feels a bit overwhelming when I imagine the whole area in stone but maybe it's okay? There is no dimension to this wall and we are not planning on adding any built-ins. Trying to preserve as much living space as possible since things are already a little tight. Would love your thoughts!

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