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Does this quartz countertop seam look okay?

home looker
5 years ago

I just got my quartz countertops put in on friday and am in need of a quick sanity (or reality?) check. Does this seam look okay or do you think the fabricator could've done a better job with it (i.e. better color matching with a lighter color)? To me, the seam sticks out like a sore thumb (looks like a dirty line to me), but maybe my expectations are too high since I've seen some pretty well-hidden seams on this forum. The edges are mitered and I can barely detect a seam with those. Is it too late to ask for a re-do on the color matching since the epoxy or adhesive is presumably dried and set; if not too late, is there a higher risk of making things worse if I try to get them to fix it?

Btw, the quartz is caeserstone noble grey.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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