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'Rising Sun' Redbud in FL questions

(Jay/Jax FL/Zone 9a)
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello I live near the coast (like a few miles) in NE Florida, zone 9a but more like 9b now. I recently got a Rising Sun redbud to go in this spot that needed a small tree (no more than 14 feet) where we replaced a sago palm in an area of full sun and no shade during the afternoon at all.

The tree is mostly doing fine and was planted in June, has new growth and no new leaf damage (any damage was because it was shipped here from Georgia). It does however look kind of droopy when there's no afternoon rain. Other true deciduous trees look like this in the summer here (Red mulberry and Red maple) and have lived a long time so maybe it's just the "healthy" response to the heat by plants with thin leaves.

I know the wild type are generally understory trees and I'm worried I doomed mine.

Perhaps I'm just overeacting, especially since it's only been here for a month, but I don't want it to die or be unhealthy, I really like this plant. Does anyone think I have to move it? Pic is what it looks like in afternoon, is this droopy or am I just not used to deciduous trees lol?

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