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Raptor sillouettes

Dave Collins
6 years ago

I am installing screening around my roofed deck. This stuff is virtually invisible.

My deck is well-shaded among dense trees, so that makes it even harder to see the screening.

Birds visit my yard all the time, partly because of the foliage, and partly because I have a pond with waterfall that they visit.

I am pretty sure I'm going to have birds flying into my screens all the time.

These sillouettes - they are designed to keep birds from flying into plate glass windows. Will they work here? With all the tree and plant growth, it's not like there's a clear line of sight from a distance.

My concern is that, if they DO work to prevent birds from flying into my screens, will they ALSO keep birds out of my yard? I don't want to scare them away, I just want to save their little necks.