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Damn cat!

6 years ago

We live in the country, with stray cats around. I had mentioned in another post that I had some old pottery in a tub on a table on the open front porch and a Carolina wren had built a nest in it. I moved all the chairs far away from it, and I only ever looked at it from through the window, inside the house. I've been watching the mom sitting on the nest for awhile. Tonight I looked out and there was a baby in there. I told my husband that they had hatched. Abount 10 minutes later I heard a loud knocking........My husband was pounding on the window, saying there was a cat up on the table, pawing into the nest. We ran out and only 1 unhatched egg was in the nest. I looked around and nearby was a live baby with scratches on it's back. Where was the mom? Carolina wrens always raise hell in situations like this. I put the baby back into the nest and we moved the pot to an empty hanging basket (hanging from a hook on the ceiling of the porch). It's about 8' away from that table. Do you think the mom would find it? Why aren't I hearing her screaming? Maybe the cat got it first? Dang, I'm ticked off. I shouldn't have trusted it on that table. I hadn't even thought of cats. I'm thinking the cat may have heard the baby cry. We looked all around and didn't see any others. Feral cats really tick me off. :(

Do you think a young mother wouldn't be as vocal as an older mom? It's just weird that it isn't around screaming.

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