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LVP flooring direction

Fred M
6 years ago

Getting ready to lay down some LVP flooring. We are going with Modin by Flooret in the Imber color. It is 9" by 60" and will be installed as a floating floor.

The orientation is where my wife and I disagree. 90% of the time people and guest will enter through the garage. In the mud room and baths there is a 12"x24" LVT tile that ends in the mudroom on the wall between going upstairs and to the basement (going downstairs you would be standing on LVT, heading upstairs you would be standing on LVP. stairs are carpet. I think the floor should run left to right direction, while my wife likes the idea of running front to back. I thought about a transition just before you reached the kitchen and changing directions aswell. What would your preference be?

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