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Kordes Parfuma-First Crush on sale. And other rose ramblings....

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Richmond, VA. I just saw this rose for 50% off at Lowe's. Did I add that this is a 2 gallon rose bush for $11 :) They also have dark desire. I don't much care for the color.

Wish they had Earth Angel(it's literally sold out on ALL online nurseries), but they don't:(

Anyway wanted to let anyone interested know about it. We rose lovers have to look out for each other. If anyone know of any clearance sales..drop a note:)

On an unrelated side note, just saw another rose there (HT-called Medallion). It's huge(5 inch) or so, beautiful color(apricot/cream_no pink) and fragrant(soft rose). It's definitely a cut flower. 15$(will wait for 50% off, I know in my bones it's coming). My heart's set on it.

Another interesting one I saw was Pierre Oger. All of the buds were balled and rotting. Looked poorly, but help me find has good member comments on it.

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