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Pre Wire with What? -building a house, Help needed

6 years ago

We need to
know what to ask for before talking to anymore low voltage contractors who try
to talk me into the next better system or a few more upgrades. We will hire a
low voltage sub to pre-wire. I don't know
if what they will be offering will suffice or be over-done. I've read forums and web
sites and am just slightly informed plus terribly confused.

We are on a budget and are general contracting the building of our 1200 Sq.ft
split foyer home next month. Electric
outlets will be installed in eaves so in the future we can install NEST
security cameras. We aren't big TV
watchers, but we figured wiring would be important for resale 15 years from
now. We do not want home automation (other than what has to go in for furnace,
zoning, ERV, humidifying and thermostat that are all connected). The
electrician and HVAC are doing that part.

I read do not daisy chain the phone and don't
share Ethernet and phone.
Husband's business can't have slow data connections.

Do we ask
for CAT6, and Cat5e and RG6 cables to each of these areas, one or more of each?
The longest runs appear to be a couple
40-43' lengths. What type of main panel to get (cost & function - pretty isn't important)?
I figured
the longest cable run would be 40-43ft.

This is where we want things:

Br 1: cable TV, internet, landline

Br2 cable TV, internet, landline

internet, landline
Dinette: internet

Living room Internet, cable TV


BR3 :TV,

Br. 4: TV internet

Fam. Rm.: cable
TV, 2 Internet locations, wire for 2 future speakers (resale)
Office: 3 internet locations, landline, cable TV

closet: Mediacom, phone company cables will come to the house at that
location. Router and other things set in
there on the shelf.

room: Is that where the media panel will
Also, what to do for FM antennae?

Any ideas and wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thx, Mrs. M.

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