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Timeline for finding interior designer and landscape designer

7 years ago

We have been fortunate to find an amazing piece of property on which to build a house. We already have a custom home builder with whom we (and my parents and several friends) have worked with in the past and in whom we have a lot of trust. We're in the early stages of consulting with a residential designer he recommended who we like and seems like will be a good fit. Both the builder and RD say we'll need an interior and landscape designer, as well, and have started giving us recommendations.

What should my timeline be for beginning to meet with, evaluate, and select one of these professionals or firms? Our goal is to have plans ready to submit for permitting by November 1 at the latest, given that we may have a six month review process and cannot start work (because of conservation restrictions) until May 1, 2018. Also, many professionals are books one to three months out, so I'll need to allow some lead time. Should I be making initial appointments now, or waiting a bit? We want to make sure we're not jumping the gun, but also that delays on our end don't slow things down, since the city will undoubtedly slow things down enough where we live.

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