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Too Late for Bare Root Strawberry Plants?

7 years ago

I'm pretty ticked off with Park Seed right now. I have used them for 30 years off and on and had good experiences. WIth a gap of about the last 10 years I got back into gardening and ordered two varieties of strawberries. One the berries had no green growth and were so dry that they were brittle. I planted anyway and within a week realized that they were dead. I requested a replacement. Two weeks later I remembered that I hadn't heard from them and sent a follow up email for an update and requesting replacement for the second variety that I bought as well as only 3 of those plants were growing. Of course they sent just the first variety and while there is some green growth on a few, most are dry and brittle. I'm going to get a refund from them.

So I"m at the point of having two new strawberry beds and no plants. Is it too late for this year to plant bare root plants and does anyone have a recommendation of a supplier that can ship quickly?



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