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Question about moving established roses to a new house

JBP (zone 8b/9a)
6 years ago

Coming from the north, I moved to Louisiana a few years ago. While renting a house, I started to get the bug for rose growing. My first (and only) roses were a Duchesse de Brabant and a climbing Old Blush. Both are about three years old and have become nicely established. I just bought a new house and would love to move these roses with me. The landlord is very nice and will let me do it in the fall because the temperatures are already in the upper 80s and low 90s now.

Since I’ve never transplanted established roses, I need advice on how to go about it. Should I prune them back before digging them up and, if so, how much? Should it be done in any different way for a shrub (DdB) and a climber (Old Blush cl.)? Anything else you’d advise?

This is the DdB. She’s already about 6 feet tall and wide. A beautiful rose with excellent repeat blooms.

This is the climbing Old Blush. It took awhile to get a good flush of blooms, but she really started to take off nicely this year.

I know this is a rose forum, but in case anyone grows jasmine, please advise about transplanting my ‘Star Jasmine’. It’s potted right now, but I think I can find a nice home in the ground for it in my new house. Any advice on pruning it before moving would also be appreciated.

And this is a picture of my Gardenia. Nothing really to ask about it, just unashamedly bragging because I’ve had her for one year only and think she’s so beautiful. :-)

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