moving established roses from old house to new house in the fall

8 years ago

hi, been a long time since I have been to GW! Illness and life took over but slowly getting back into the mojo. I have a huge question about moving my roses to a new house/garden. We are moving to our own house in the fall and I figured I would just eventually replace all the roses I have at our current location but everyone is giving me heck about leaving them to an abandoned property that will never be occupied again. I am still debating all the work involved.

I have lots of knockouts( pink, dbl, yellow, light pink) a few austins with own roots, fairy's . I have another that is a climber and the name eludes me but I know it's pink thornless and doesn't mind shade.

It is june and we are just getting into the hot season and wanted to know what your thoughts were on potting my roses up and taking them to the new house in the late fall for overwintering?

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