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Apple Photos app not as easy to use as iPhoto. Which should I use?

7 years ago

I take lots of pictures for my enjoyment - family, landscape, flowers etc. I've been using iPhoto and enjoy the ease of labeling pictures. I knew that ease of labeling was gone in Photos so I did not switch over until just now, when my Mac crashed and Photos was part of the latest operating system.

I found out iPhotos is still available and just imported and labeled a bunch of pictures. I'm wondering if I should just continue to use iPhoto and forget about Photos for now or is there a problem with doing so?

What I really like in iPhoto is that you can select a bunch of pictures and apply one caption to all of them at once! That doesn't seem to be the case with Photos.

I am also struggling to understand and enjoy their new organizing system - moments....what else, can't even remember although I took a Photos workshop yesterday!

I get frustrated with the changes Apple keeps making which requires learning all over again !!

Thanks for your thoughts.


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