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Spring Fling Food List--Please Tell Us What You Plan To Bring

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Since the regular Spring Fling thread has gotten so long, I thought I'd start a separate thread for us to list what food we are bringing to the gathering at Paula's and Ken's country estate this weekend. Hopefully, this helps us avoid duplication and ensures we have all the essentials.

If you aren't into cooking, remember that there are non-food items needed every year---ice, drinks, plates, napkins, cups, plasticware, etc. I don't know what Paula already has, so if she needs us to bring the above, hopefully she'll say so. (Or, if she already has the above covered and doesn't want us bringing more, hopefully we'll find that out via this thread.)

Other things to bring for your own use: blankets or tarps for picnicking on the ground, lawn chairs, raincoats, umbrellas, rainhats and boots since the weather looks dicey, and some sort of container in which to gather all the plants you're planning on taking home. Oh, and door prizes if you want to participate in the door prize part of the event (it is optional), and a few bucks to throw in the can to help pay for the porta-potties.

Now, let's start the food listing:

Tim and I are planning to bring the usual gigantic bowl or bowls of fresh fruit salad, unless we get an SOS message from Paula saying she needs us to bring a specific item, in which case we'll gladly bring what she needs. Now, what is everyone else going to bring?

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