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Which marble would work better?

5 years ago

This is actually a question for a bathroom, but the people on the kitchens forum are great about getting involved in design decisions, so I thought I would post here. Long story short, we moved into our house about a year ago. The master bath had been redone about 8 (?) years ago. We removed a big "tower" cabinet from the countertop. We need to replace the counter top and want to match current tile. The old counters are Calacatta marble. I don't think the tile is Calacatta. I think it is Venatino, really white Carrara or Statuary marble. Most Carrara slabs now are pretty gray. I found one that is pretty white and also found a statuary slab that is pretty white. Which do you think would look better with the existing tile? Also, I know I want marble. I have had it twice before. I am not open to quartz. Just FYI ;) Thanks for any thoughts!



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