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2 options for new lounge suit. Which would work better? (pics incl)

Ari Opp
7 years ago


I'm looking for a new lounge suit. I will be getting a 3-2-1 recliner set with the 2 seater having a console in the middle.

Firstly, see pictures of my bare lounge:

I have found the following 2 sets of furniture that I like:

FIRST ONE (Microfibre, most comfortable):

SECOND ONE (Upper, Top-Grain Leather). Options in brown or black. 2 and 3 seater units shown below:

Can you advise what would look better?

On one hand, I'm tempted for the microfibre as it is the more comfortable one.

However, I am willing to let go of some comfort for a more modern leather suit.

Right now, I am conflicted between the 2, and can't picture how each will work in my specific lounge?

Any other factors to take into consideration?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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