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Table lamps on end tables next to sofa - ideal height?

7 years ago

So we bought what I felt were fairly standard height table lamps at 26". The base is 15" and shade is 11" so fairly well proportioned.

I know it's suggested to be below eye level when seated on sofa so you aren't blinded. Our sofa had 24" arms and we have 24" end tables. The lamp shades certainly feel a good height when seated.

When standing though? A bit too low. They are only ~50" high so when standing close you easily look over the shade and at the bright bulb.

This is especially a problem because the sofa and the 2 lamps are on the same wall as our front door and "foyer" area. You walk in and directly to your left, not even 1 foot over, is an end table (then sofa and other end table and other wall).

So it's hard to avoid the low light sometimes.

But I think the lights might look odd if we were to buy something 6"+ inches taller. Plus we'd start maybe having an issue with the light bothering while seated on sofa.

We need as many lamps have possible since no overhead light so can't get rid of these lights. Plus they look great on the end tables.

So what height should we be shooting for? Our sofa is pretty standard size. I can only.imagine this would be even more of an issue for someone with a really low sofa / low arms.

Perhaps there is a way to help diffuse light at the top of the lamp?

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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