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A review of the Lacanche Sully 2200

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

First of all, a HUGE thanks to so many wonderful posters (Huruta, CorieHall, mtnrdredux, ChristyMcK, finestra, Joeboldt, Martin and more!!) who gave me the courage to order this range without having ever cooked on one!

Some of you may remember from my previous posts that we have had a little kitchen angst at our house these past few months, completing a mini-reno immediately following a new build. We have spent the past four+ months with only a hot plate from Amazon and a steam oven for cooking. (Well, and to be fair, a crockpot and pressure cooker.) Following our disaster with a full suite of custom appliances, I was all set to replace them with appliances from our local Ferguson's. But right when I was about to sign off on them, my sweet DH encouraged me to go ahead and order a LaCanche. I reminded him that it would be weeks before it's arrival. But then he pointed out that we had already been in our home for weeks without functioning appliances, so we might as well go the distance and get what I really wanted. (Thank goodness for his easygoing nature!) So, I placed the order in October and I have to admit....there were many times when I thought I had made a mistake in waiting. I was anxious about it's arrival, mainly because we had ordered the original custom appliances against my DH's thinking and I did not want to be mistaken a second time.

Well, my beautiful Sully arrived a couple of weeks ago. It was the best Valentine EVER! Every time I walk into my kitchen I want to hug it. The craftsmanship is absolutely amazing, but on top of it....this thing is an amazing cooking machine!! I have always believed that a good cook can make any appliance produce. But I have taken some of my family's favorite meals and taken them to a new level with this range! Even the most simple roasted chicken and brussel sprouts were A-MA-ZING on this range. THANK YOU Lacanche for making me a better cook!

My range has these features from left to right:

in counter multi-cooker (steamer)

2 15k burners

1 18k burner

1 5/ 1 11k burner pair

2 11/11k burners

1 induction module with two zones

For ovens, I have 1 gas, 1 electric, and 1 warming cupboard. The fourth cabinet is below the multi-cooker and houses water shut off and drain system for the steamer unit. I have experimented with everything so far and here are my initial thoughts:

multi-cooker~Love this. I have joint issues and it is fabulous to be able to steam veggies or quick pasta without having to empty a big pot of boiling water. I look forward to being able to play with this a bit more to offer more specifics.

18k burner~this thing is super hot. Having recently had a 22k burner range top, I can tell you that thus far the difference between the 18 & 22 burners is negligible for my needs. In fact, I charred the first two items by walking away for just a moment. Did a beautiful stir fry with this.

Regular burners~Will probably be able to speak more intelligently about these in a few weeks, but the simmer burner keeps it super low and the 11k are great for every day usage. Plenty of juice. I think I will use them the most, especially with the double griddle plates.

Induction~In retrospect, would've added another one of these if possible, but I think they can only do one with the current UL approval. It's super fast....boiling water in less than a minute. It's not very loud at all, almost no buzzing. And I love the option that my girls can cook on it a bit more safely until we are all used to the extra fire power on the gas burners.

Ovens~I haven't run into any size issues thus far. Regular sheets fit perfectly inside. I forgot how much I love a gas oven, as it's been years since I have used one. And the warming cupboard.....braised a lovely roast the first couple of days. And I'm hoping to make fresh yogurt this coming week.

Customer Service from initial contact three years ago until today has been phenomenal. Victoria was our sales contact, but we also met Elisa on a trip to NYC. Both were so helpful and knowledgeable. Also, Christa in their logistics area and Brian in service have been so available during delivery and installation. They have a great team!

Thanks to anyone still reading.....and again, a huge debt of gratitude to the community for all of the information that led me to my dream kitchen! Y'all are an amazing group of people! And now the newest member of the family....our copper-trimmed, graphite Ginger!

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