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A book: difficult for me

jim_1 (Zone 5B)
7 years ago

When I was in high school, there was required reading. Some were OK; others were difficult; and some were just outright easy.

Hold on for a few minutes, please.

Our local library has a book discussion group and the other day I picked up the book for this month's discussion. Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly, published last year. I am having a difficult time with this book. The writing is good, I can easily imagine what is occurring. My problem is what is occurring.

I cannot read for more that 20 minutes; I put down the book and do something (anything). It is intense (I am more than half done).

I just closed the book and started to think about whatever I read while in high school that was this difficult. Not difficult due to the the language (Beowulf, for instance), but because it was beyond my ability to grasp. Scarlet Letter? Interesting at the time, but a lot more meaningful 30 years later, thank you.

So...what did you read in high school that caused you to put the book down and go away, only to return to the book - not because you had to, but because you needed to! Not necessarily what is generally called great literature, but something that affected you so much that you had to walk away, but were called back by what the book was (is).

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