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Planting/potting a citrus tree

cmaetay (6a)
6 years ago

I'm a fairly new citrus parent, I've had my Meyer lemon for about a year now. My son is dying for another citrus tree to call his own, and I told him we could add to the family if we made it through the year. And we have!

I've actually already repotted my lemon tree several times, and it truly is thriving -- so this is going to sound like a very strange question. But since I want to repot before we head outside for the spring (and will soon have a new citrus tree to pot up), I thought I would ask.

I realized the other day that I have NO IDEA if I am potting up my citrus correctly. I've done a tremendous amount of research, but everything just says to plant it in a pot and talks about the mediums and pot sizes, etc. What I'm curious about is step-by-step documentation (visuals a plus here) on how to deal with the root system, deal with the previous potting material, tips and tricks, what am I looking for, etc. when planting a citrus tree.

I want documentation like this to exist, but I'm just not finding it!

Any thoughts? Advice? Am I overthinking this?

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