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Transfering Win Live Mail

7 years ago

OK; one more question and help elsewhere suggestion. I got my general files transferred from old to newer computer via the Easy Transfer approach without obvious problems. I didn't know if Easy Transfer would attempt mail transfer even though some links indicate that it might.

But instead (or I suppose perhaps in addition), I transferred mail files by a direct export by WinLiveMail to my external hard drive and imported to newer computer. This mail account has many sub folders of mail and both export and import showed many (presumably all) individual folders with their message counts being transferred.

However, the new WinL.Mail didn't show any messages. I realized that it didn't actually have any accounts listed so I created the email address but it still didn't show any messages even after closing and reopening WLM. Anyone have any ideas??

Also, I can see that there are very few advisors around here recently. Is there another place like this that might give help on this subject?

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