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Help with Meyer Lemon Tree

6 years ago

Meyer lemon tree (i think 3 yrs old?) was doing great outside until i brought it in for the winter. Don't have a great sunlight window for it and all my ledges are over (but not in direct line) electric heat vents. Since day 1 of bringing it inside it has struggled...this was a very FULL and flowering&budding tree... (Now you can see the stalk on the L is completely bare and more of a brownish colour) .Have moved it away from the heat and have a plant light bulb (from home depot) on it to help. Have used a liquid plant food on it (maybe 6 weeks ago now) to help boost it which didn't seem to help...From reading other posts I understand that there is shock happening with bringing it inside..but I don't understand why one side is doing well and the other isn't (not shown in pic but the 2 main stalks come from the same trunk/rootball) any thoughts or suggestions? ..As per a previous suggestion I have since removed the fruit. Thanks!

Top shows the stalks coming from the same trunk

second shows just higher on plant where the discolouration starts and gives a decent idea on the difference

how tree looks (minus the fruit currently)

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