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Any Way to Attract More than Just Sparrows?

7 years ago

Hi all,

So up in zone 6a it's been a chilly one. I've put out 8 assorted feeders containing some of the following:


-Mixes of seeds and nuts

-Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

-Fruit & Nut Mix

-Whole Peanuts

-Safflower Seed


-Cracked Corn

-Corn on the Cob (on the ground)

Here are the birds I've been able to attract this winter:

-Mourning Doves

-Red Tailed Hawk ;) lol not on purpose

-House Sparrows

-Hairy Woodpecker

-Black-Capped Chickadee

I know it's a measly list, and sometimes we get cardinals. Other than that, the sparrows literally flock to the feeders. I'm happy to feed any bird, but I was just wondering- is there something I can do to bring more birds in? Btw I do have a bird bath but I haven't plugged the de icer in yet. Also, the bird feeding station is right by a fence and long row of evergreen trees. There are some lilac bushes a few feet away as well. Thanks for any help, and I may have missed a few birds or seeds I use :)

I live in Southern Michigan.


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