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Chip in counter. How should repair be done?

7 years ago

Last evening while hosting a dinner party, I noticed a chip on the edge of my Super White counter in our bar area. If there hadn't been a houseful of people, I would have cried. Just now getting a look at it and it appears that a chunk of the stone could easily come out without too much difficulty. I can feel the edges are raised a bit. I'm tempted to put yellow caution tape around this!

I'm not inclined to contact the fabricator who did the install 2.5 years ago, as I wasn't impressed with a very small repair they did after install on a very small chip against a wall. This is a high visible area that f my kitchen that gets a lot of traffic.

Need advice on what type of trade I should contact and how the proper repair should be done. I'm located in NH.

Small chip is right above where the black controls are located.

Chunk of stone that I'm afraid will come out is diamond shaped.

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