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Contractor damaged cabinet - what is the remedy?

7 years ago

I've read so many tales of woe here in hopes that I'd be prepared if something happened during our remodel but now here I am not sure how to proceed. We are just finishing week 6 of what was supposed to be 3 weeks (which I knew was ambitious) and it's getting close to finished.

On Monday, the owner sent a worker over to address some issues with cleanliness and in the course of that person vacuuming, he broke off the end of the exposed water line to the refrigerator and there was some period of time before they could shut it off so there was a lot of water (plywood subfloor still not all dry here on Thursday night).

Today, I noticed the bottom of a pantry cabinet (IKEA) is warped from water damage:

The man doing most of the work in the kitchen said he noticed it and already alerted the owner of his company. No one said anything to me so I don't know if he just noticed it today like I did or if they knew before yesterday when the counters went in.

Obviously, I am dismayed and unhappy about this. I'm also tired and sick of the whole remodel and the level of micro managing I've had to do to date. What is a reasonable way to make this right? Since it will be covered by a drawer front, do I agree that they can just caulk it and move on? Do I insist they replace it even though the whole row of cabinets (and new counter top) will probably have to come out to get to it? It's also a 90 mile drive to IKEA. Here is where it is - 2nd pantry cabinet from the end:

What would you do (besides say you would not get IKEA in the first place)?

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