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Niner fans hate GM; hack his Wiki !!

6 years ago

Soooo funny. Why throw beer cans when you can mess with his Wiki page instead! Never mess with us Left Coasters, LOL:

Wikipedia had to
lock Trent Baalke's page because 49ers fans won't stop vandalizing

Chronicle, October 25, 2016

Hopefully Trent
Baalke doesn't google himself.

The general manager
of the 49ers — and target of much fan vitriol after the team's 1-6 start — has
had his Wikipedia page vandalized so many times over the past two days that
Wikipedia put a temporary ban on edits.

The Mercury News noticed on Monday that someone had altered Baalke's page to
read: "Despite the incredibly awful job he has done, and continued success in
embarrassing and destroying this organization, gutless Jed York refuses to fire
Baalke. An 11 year old can see that Baalke is running this team into the ground,
but York doesn't
care as long as he continues to make a profit."

But that was hardly
the first or the last edit. The page's edit history shows dozens of changes
since early October, including one that lists his position with the 49ers as "Professional Team Destroyer" and
another as "Total

Another change,
which survived several page edits, was the line, "If all goes well, he will be fired by the end of the
2016-2017 season
." Someone else added that Baalke "continues to destroy the great franchise that was once an
NFL powerhouse

Years of poor drafts
with Baalke at the helm have left the 49ers roster depleted. There's a clear
need at quarterback that has gone unaddressed and, in 2016, Baalke failed to use
any of his draft picks on an inside linebacker.

The 49ers currently
have a bye week in which to stew over their problems and avoid Wikipedia.

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