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What's wrong with my fiddle leaf fig?

7 years ago

I just got my first fiddle leaf fig a few days ago and the leaves are curling up at the edges and now they're starting to twist and look warped. A few of the leaves had slight tears in them and there were small grey spots in some areas and small black spots underneath some of the leaves. I thought maybe the spots were dust and dirt so I tried wiping them with a damp towel and they do come off but the leaves were so dry I could here some of them cracking at the slightest touch and I was afraid they were going to break! I added a cup and a half of water to the soil and it seemed pretty saturated after that. I also sprayed the leaves with water. Today the soil is still extremely moist but the leaves are worse off then ever. They're extremely dry, they're more tightly curled and twisted, and there are tears with brown spots in more areas. It's overall appearance just doesn't look healthy!

I live in an apartment and the tree is next to tinted windows facing north. I haven't repotted it so it's still in the plastic pot it came in. I also saw two bugs that looked like ants crawling on it earlier today. I feel like it's dying a slow death! If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it so much! I'm a little out of my element here.

I hate to say this but it's actually worse in person than in pictures! I guess I wouldn't be too happy about living in a cardboard box either:) but it's only temporary until her new "home" arrives

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