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Why is my NJ indoor basil plant so sad?

Suzi B
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

He seemed happy outdoors in original plastic pot from the nursery, with roots growing out of the drainage hole. But when the weather cooled, I did 3 things, hoping to keep him going over the winter. Leaves started yellowing, falling off, and browning in some spots, and base of stem also browning in a few spots:

1. brought inside, by south-east facing window

2. using as much original soil as possible, replanted into clay pot with drainage, slightly wider and shallower than the original pot.

3. added organic planting soil.

4. placed new pot in a wide bowl. The pot does not sit flush on the bottom of the bowl; there is a 1-2 inch gap.

5. watered to keep soil moist (or more than moist) both into the top of the pot, as well as putting water in the bottom of the bowl, thinking the roots might like that.

Based on the steps I took, and on the photos, can anyone advise as to what's gone wrong? Was replanting so very stressful? The rosemary and sage were brought in, too, but were not replanted. Many thanks for any words of wisdom.

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