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flat screen TV??

7 years ago

I may be one of the last people in earth NOT to have a flat screen TV?? I don't have a TV in "every" room... just living-room and kitchen... and both could be labeled "boat anchors", iykwim?!?

Both work just fine... BUT contemplating replacing them. I do NOT need or want a massive movie theater screen in living-room to replace 2-ton 27" set or 1.5-ton maybe 19" set in kitchen. Have seen ads with extremely low prices that I'm kinda considering. Thinking a 32" for living-room and 10" for kitchen??

Here's my main question! I think there are only 3 connections on back of current TV... power cord, connection to cable box, and cable input from outside. No game things, no DVD or DVR (unfortunately). I know I can easily move a new TV around easily. If I unplug things connected to back of current TV, will I EASILY find where to connect them on back of a new flat screen?

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