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Help me save my Christmas Cactus!!!

Vicky Whedbee
6 years ago

My cactus got root bound and I transplanted it. It did great and doubled in size. Then it got root rot. Not sure why, I didn't change watering habits. It started looking translucent so i stopped watering to give it time to dry out. It continued to deteriorate. A week ago I carefully removed it from the pot and tried to remove the soil from the roots. Much to my dismay there were very little roots left. The woody sections were clumped together in a ball about the size of a lemon that I was afraid to pry apart, and there was one stand of roots hanging from that. I repotted with lots of perlite and put it in a tray of rock with water for humidity. It looks worse every day. the weight of the limbs are draping down over the sides of the pot and pulling the clump up out of the soil. My first thought is to remove some of the soil from the bottom of the pot and lower the "clump" so that more of the woody stems and growth are below the soil in the hopes that they will start to grow new roots. My concern is that the woody part of the stem is too "woody" to root. This plant was over 3 feet in diameter. It belonged to my grandmother and has grown and grown over the years. Not sure what caused a problem out of the blue but want desperately to save it if it's not too late. I have rooted some of the pieces that broke of during transplanting, but hate to lose the main plant. Any suggestions? I saw a few posts that suggested using a bark mixture. I'm not familiar with that except for orchids.Please help!

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