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Share your draw schedule?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Is anyone here willing to share their draw schedule?

We are building a 2 story home with basement, out of ICF 'to the roof'.

My bank is cautioning me that the builder's draw schedule is quite front-loaded, which may cause problems if the 'cost to complete' doesn't match well with the draws. They did also state that "sometimes it's high, and people just go with it, because they want the home". I'm uncertain if it's due to the high cost of the icf materials and construction, or simply that they'd rather finance the build with their money, rather than mine.

This is what they are proposing:

The draw amounts above do not include the portion of the finish work my husband and I are doing, namely the kitchen, flooring, millwork (trim) and finish painting. Value wise, our work is ~12% of the total price, though admittedly assumes 'sweat equity', ie, not paying ourselves a wage. (I recognize this isn't 'true', but as ICF houses cost more to build, yet appraise the same as a regular stick home, this allows us to keep the build cost close to the appraised cost.)

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