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Help selecting quotes for HVAC system

7 years ago

I am replacing my HVAC system with new 2 ton heat pump and air handler (in attic). I am in Arlington, VA 1500 sq feet, three story townhouse. Quotes are for Carrier and American Standard systems. Each contractor wants to install air handler horizontally, which requires duct work reconfiguration. Also 1/4" refrigerant line replaced with 3'8" line. would appreciate your advice regarding 14 SEER vs 15 SEER, pricing and equipment combinations, etc

Carrier Quotes

15 SEER 25HCC524003 with FV4CNF002 with Honeywell 8321 thermostat $8,119.15

15 SEER 25HBC5024 with FV4CF002 $7,598

15 SEER Same as above $9,780

14 SEER 25HCC424003 with FB4CNP025 and same TS $6,765

American Standard Quotes

15/16 SEER 4A6H6024 with TAM7A0A24 with Honeywell Wifi TS $7,750

14 SEER 4A6H4012 with TEM4A0A24 with TS $6,394

14 SEER 4A6H4024 with TAM7A0A24 with Honeywell Wifi TS $6,950

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