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Young "cherokee princess" dogwood in need of some diagnosis and help!

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I have a Cherokee Princess Dogwood that I planted a year ago this September. I've attached photos of it's current state which, to me, doesn't look healthy.

Some info:

  • tree receives full sun (I thought this particular area was less sunny, but I figured incorrectly)
  • tree is planted in clay, very alkaline soil (although mixed with a proper planting soil when initially planted), mulched adequately on top
  • mulch remains 2-3" from the trunk
  • tree did just fine last fall and through winter, and was actively sprouting new branches in the spring
    - began exhibiting dried, curled, leaves around June-July
  • I try to water this once a week, usually allowing a hose to soak the roots 20-30 minutes
    It looks like I have some leaf scorch going on, is that right? Any sign of disease?

Can I make this tree work here, or must I look at replanting if I can salvage at all?
One last thing, I noticed these hollow, tube things protruding up through the mulch around the base. There's a lot of them, and newer to me... This any cause for concern?
Input is appreciated - thanks!

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