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Ficus lyrata / fiddle leaf fig leaf peoblem

6 years ago

I am extremely concerned. I have had this baby fiddle leaf for about 4 weeks. I transplanted it from the nursery plastic pot to about a half inch bigger clay pot. Gave it a water when I reported it 4 days ago, last Friday, 8/5/16. The first picture from the top was minutes before I reported it. Now look at it today, almost 4 days later! I did move it to a slightly sunnier southern window after repotting. Those are the 2 changing factors. The window, & the reporting. I've included the first pic from last Friday & the rest are from just now. The base of the leaf where it attaches to the 'stalk' is brown. Brown all over the backs of the leaves. & i cut off the lowest leaf shown below. Do I have any hope for this sweet baby? Not sure which factor upset it so much. The leaves are also appearing to curl inward at the edges & leaves feel 'crispy' to the touch. They're not nice and flat pancake-y as in the first picture from last Friday. I'm so sad. Don't want to make this mistake again. Any help is appreciated. I'm available for questions.

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