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Dwarf Schefflera cuttings progress

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

So I cut some from in front on my moms place in Florida in early March.

All but one turned brown and died (I think the cuttings I took had growth that was too old).

One kept its leaves and stayed in water for two months. No root growth whatsoever.

I stuck it in a small terra cotta pot with the 5:1:1 mix. It had two sets of leaves and after two more months, nothing was happening above the soil. The leaves looked fine but there was no growth.

A week ago I chopped off the top as a last resort to push some growth, well, now, it seems to be finally doing something.

That's cool as I was about to throw it away.

I'll update this thread in a couple weeks with further progress.

I didnt "need" to have this plant survive, just thought it would be cool to bring a piece back home as if done that with great success with ficus cuttings from around my moms place.

Here are 5-6 cuttings I took last year. They were all about 4" long with 2 leaves. I recently trimmed all the bottom growth to make it more tree like.

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