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My husband has been on coumadin for 10 years now, and he's getting older. The end result is very thin skin on his lower legs. It doesn't take much to bruise or scrape his legs. And the resulting wounds from skin tears take a long, long time to heal. Lots & lots of bandaging, etc. So I went looking online for something that would protect his legs, especially when doing simple chores around the house like taking out the garbage. Or just getting into his pickup to drive to the doctor's. And particularly when our grandchildren come over and want to play.

Anyhow, I found two products and ordered both. They arrived two weeks ago, and he's been using them regularly.

One is Wikkies Leg Protectors. They're made in England, but I ordered them using my American credit card with no problem. They have two styles, and I ordered the HiTech version. They wrap around the entire leg and fasten via velcro.

The second product is ShinGrins. They're made in California. They wrap around the front of the leg and fasten with velcro too.

Both products are made with smooth material that will not snag or scratch legs. My husband prefers the ShinGrins because they're easier for him to put on himself. They're made in such a way that the wide velcro straps will adhere anywhere on the protective wrap-around. With the Wikkies, he has to perfectly match up the much thinner velcro straps with the velcro attachments.

My reason for posting is because they're both quality products and could be useful for someone dealing with thin skin on legs. I looked online for quite a while and mainly found protectors that were pulled on like long socks. That wouldn't work for my husband at all. Just putting on full length socks can scrape and irritate his skin. The wrap-around solution is much better for him.

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Good to know, Shambo. When my husband was in the nursing home they used something similar to protect his forearms for the same reason. I noticed many of the residents wearing them.

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