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finding odd dead rabbits about, *WARNING* picture is very gruesome

davidrt28 (zone 7)
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Firstly let me say as a rare plant collector I absolutely despise
rabbits. They have an amazing knack for finding the most valuable
plants to taste and destroy in the process. But I would never intentionally inflict
suffering an an animal, when I do kill them with a pellet gun, I always
go in for a kill shot. Killing about 10 a year demonstrably reduces the damage they cause, so I have no qualms about doing it. I haven't killed any in about a month.

Anyhow for the second time this year, I've found an odd skinned looking rabbit carcass in the garden. What animal would attack a rabbit but not finish it off? There is a new family of foxes in the woods nearby. Is it possible a fox might attack a rabbit, and somehow get distracted and run away? They are very shy and run when I leave the house. (more shy than the stupid rabbits - and I certainly don't mean the foxes any harm!) But surely a fox would come back to eat it? Could there be some horrid disease that just causes a rabbit's skin to fall off?

BTW if I'd cut the grass in the area recently, I could believe I accidentally ran it over, but I haven't cut the grass in about a week, and this obviously happened more recently. Something will eat the rest of it in a day or so.

There are some yobs about but I generally don't have trouble with them. if someone wanted to do this as a joke, they'd leave it near the house. In both cases these were found about 200 ft. from the house. As much as I hate rabbits, I'm just a bit disturbed as to why this is happening and was grossed out that I almost stepped on it.

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