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Need help on deciding on capacity size for front load washer.

7 years ago

Hello Everyone!

I have just purchased a brand new home. The new home comes with a top load washing machine and matching dryer.

The top load is nice but I would really prefer to have a front load washer. The company that installed the washer and dryer will give me credit for both if I replace them with something from their store.

I am not sure what capacity size I need on a front load. I need one that will comfortably wash and dry a king sized comforter. I hate taking it to the laundry mat or dry cleaners and figure the money I save not having to wash it at the laundry mat will more than make up the extra money a bigger machine will cost me.

I am currently looking at a Samsung 5.0 Cubic ft washing machine with add wash. Add wash is not a big deal to me but it comes with the machine I am looking at. Will 5.0 cubic ft be big enough to wash a normal fluff filled comforter? Do you think I could drop down to a 4.5 cubic ft? The price difference between the 2 sizes is pretty considerable and if I can save a few dollars I would like too.

I have a budget of about $3000 but that has to include pedestals for the machines as well.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to your opinions.

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