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Help with attracting orioles to our area, and getting them to possibly

Hello bird lovers. I am hoping that someone can help me with attracting Baltimore Orioles to our area. I saw one last fall. (I assume it was a Baltimore Oriole) He was trying to get nectar out of a hummingbird feeder that I have on our glass patio doors.

At the time, I got online, and read that these are highly migratory birds. As I understood the information, you may see them when they are migrating through your area, and not at other times. Last fall when I saw him, I called Tractor Supply (where I had seen oriole feeders), and they were all gone.

My husband thinks he saw an oriole last week for about two days. He didn't tell me right away, so I was delayed in getting an oriole feeder out. (bought one a few days ago at Tractor Supply). I put it out immediately-it's the saucer type that holds nectar, has a central post that you spear an orange with, and little wells in the saucer to hold jelly. I have seen nothing- and it rained on it and I took it in to clean it out.

Should I put it back out and keep trying? We are in NE Ohio, North Canton-which is about 60 miles south of Cleveland). Where do these orioles summer? I know they go to the tropics during the winter.

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