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I don't know where to start!

Amanda Medlin
7 years ago

We just moved into a 1910 Victorian and while I dream of an arbor and white picket fence with an overgrown cottage garden, my reality is a bare yard with weeds. My budget is small so I am going to have to build my garden little by little. I would like to go ahead and plant a few ???(evergreens, shrubs, climbing roses, perennials, small tree) in front of the porch. I've done a lot of research as to what is popular in cottage gardens, but where I really struggle is in the placement. I love the random look with varying heights and sizes, but I know I need to have a plan. Help!

For reference, we live in Coastal Virginia and our house faces west. The front of the porch gets morning shade and full sun the rest of the day. The pictured right side of the porch gets full sun all day and the small part to the pictured left of the porch is shaded but has poor drainage so the soil stays very moist on that side. Also for reference, the porch rails measure 54 1/2″ high from the ground and the front bed to the pictured right of the porch steps to the front corner of the porch is approximately 16′ across.

I look forward to hearing your ideas! - Amanda

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