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Help with Front yard - scaling back the grass

8 years ago

I live in the Pacific NW zone 7B. The first picture is the right side of the house, we just want to remove the grass (retains water) up to the red line. We are going to remove the clay soil and replace with good dirt (with sand). Cut through the small hedge and have an opening to walk to a future bench. Maybe add a ceramic pot with flowers? There is a small rock wall where we dont weed wack, removing and regrading. I want to move the grass line up, add more plants and add a bench. I need ideas for what plants to put in. The space in front of the window has irish Yew, Dog wood bushes, Pieris japonica, weeping larch, and yellow barberry. The property line has Arborvitae, crape myrtle, holly, spirea, Osmthanus Burkwoodi, Katsura in the corner with Davdii. In the other corner, is a merlot redbud, This area has irrigation . We are just tired of maintaining the lawn. I dont mind weeding between plants.

18 x 35'

Second picture I am yanking out the lawn and putting in plants. Need help with design please. 11 x 25 The neighbor has the Smoke tree. This area does not have irrigation .

thanks in advance for ideas.

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