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I need help selecting a grass (or alternative) in my back yard.

9 years ago

Hello GardenWeb!

I live in the greater Orlando area. I am trying to figure out what grass or ground cover to plant in my back yard. (See pic)

It don't need to want a perfect lawn (I have dogs, no irrigation, and 3 mature Seabreeze bamboo, so that isn't going to happen lol). The center part of the yard isn't shaded too heavily, as the tipuana trees are pretty good about letting a some light in. (The white house in the center of the pic behind the fence is due east, if that helps anybody figure out sun exposure.)

So, does anybody have any suggestions? All I am really looking for is tough, green ground cover or grass that will please my wife, resist dogs/bamboo/light shade, and require less water and care....that might be too tall of an order lol


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