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Just finished landscape re-do: Is this entry step odd?

Metro East
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

We did a demo and re-do of our front landscape. They rebuilt the retaining wall on the left, tore out the old sorry plants, removed rock mulch. The impetus for the whole project was fixing the front entry step which was 14" high for some odd reason.

I wanted the step to wrap around and emphasize the entry and intend to put a tall planter in the corner. More plants and lights are still to come and the column/arch will be painted to match garage doors.

They finished today and this is what it looks like. The landscaper's suggestion was to use the same retaining wall stones for the step, but when we discussed it a long time ago, I thought he said they would have pavers going all the way over the top and creating a bit of a lip over the retaining wall stone. The way they did it, the Versalok is the entire riser and the pavers are inset. Moreover, rather than 7"/7", the lower step is 6" and the 2nd one is 8".

From the street, my initial reaction was it looks like we decided to put a retaining wall around our front entry. Is this odd looking? One of our neighborhood friends already told me it does. Should we it re-done? I feel like I can get used to it and like the way it looks up close but my vanity can't stand my neighbors being like "why did they do THAT?!" Could a thin paver be added over the whole top to even out the height and fix the problem? Is the mix of brick house, versalok and pavers too much going on? Ugh. I hate projects and hate confronting contractors. Please be gentle.



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