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Fragrant rose zone 7 - easy care

7 years ago

Hi, I live near Asheville NC and have a bed that gets mostly afternoon sun, some morning sun but it is part shade. It seems to be 4-5 hrs of sun.

I love roses but have not had much luck with them before. I tried a Knockout years ago but I'm pretty sure I planted it in the wrong area (too much shade) and it didn't do very well. I wound up giving it to my dad.

I don't want another Knockout but would like something very fragrant, repeat blooming and relatively easy to grow. I originally wanted a climber but I don't have a trellis yet and am not sure that would be the easiest to start with.

I water regularly and will fertilize but prefer something that doesn't have to sprayed often.

It gets very humid here in the summers so don't want to pick one that is prone to blight.

I could be just dreaming that a rose would do good for me with my shade, but thought I would check here.


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