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New kitchen in progress - 36" Wolf vs Miele induction cooktop

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

About 7 years ago we bought 24" Miele older model oven for less than $100 from somebody who had never ever use it once. My DH found very quickly this Miele oven is Godsend and it was "used and abused" a lot. Needless to say I'm enjoying any meal coming from this appliance more than anything else...:)

After that experience no wonder my DH's "dream kitchen" was always Miele line. Now new kitchen is in progress and the initial $100 oven deal sounds more like Trojan horse deal...:)

We are down to last two appliances to decide and of them is 36" induction cooktop.

After checking many of these out we narrowed down to two models - Wolf CI365T/S and Miele KM6370. The Miele model would be nice complement to Miele ovens and hood but no store in LA area has it on display, not even their showroom in Beverly Hills....

Therefore we leaning toward the Wolf after we run demo with own pots in SZ showroom, at least on 30" model. I just wish they have working 36" model over 30" one..:(

By specs the Wolf cooktop have less power than Miele one. However we are not quite sure if that's the problem at all since most of the time is just two people anyway. Also a little puzzling is 4x 8" bridge burners. I wish to find IR image of burners, similar what somebody posted for Bosch Flex model. The four 8" burners bridge design is quite unusual and we are wondering if 4x8" are true bridges (covering space in between) or not? The smallest pot size on 8" burner is another question which we hope some owner can answer. Last question is "buzzing noise" with full power/boost mode. The Wolf in the test done by Yale App was the loudest, however I believe that was the older more powerful model.

On positive note Wolf was clear winner over another hot contender (Blue Star) in design area. The SS trim on Wolf is cleverly sealed below glass surface level which gives you much less chance to scratch the SS trim. We dismissed other brand(s) after seeing some display models in bad condition.

There are absolutely no reviews on either model so we hope to hear from anybody who is using either model to give us some feedback to make final decision.


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