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Abandoned nest?

Jesi Utter
7 years ago

We just got our new house and realized that there was a bird nest sitting in a nook on our balcony. When we first arrived there was a bird frequenting the nest and upon further investigating we saw that there were also eggs in the nest. I've been watching the mother bird every time I'm in the kitchen. Seeing her fly from her nest so various tress branches and back to her now brood. I haven't seen her at all today and when I checked at night to see if she was in her nest, she wasn't. Her brood is not nearly a week old and I fear the mother may have been injured or killed. I will check tomorrow to see if she has returned, but I don't want her brood to die! Upon some research I have determined that she is an Eastern Phoebe. Given that I would like to know if anyone has some suggestions on how to ensure their survival. I was thinking I could leave the nest where it is and periodically feed them some smashed up insects from a dropper and keep them covered by a small blanket or dryer lint? That is the best I've got so far. I'm not sure if bringing them into the house is the best idea or not. Suggestions?


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