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Which comes first: planning the cabinets or planning the counter seam?

Pink Poppy
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

One of my other threads has got me thinking about planning the seam on my quartz counter. Should I plan my cabinet and appliance placement around the potential seam in my counter, or should I plan the seam around the cabinets and appliances??

Here's my most recent plan for the cabinet layout:

The total length of this counter will be 193". Caesarstone and Silestone slabs run between 119"-124" in length.

Should I play around with the different slab lengths to figure out where the seam will land then adjust my cabinets/appliances to get the seam in an ideal location?

Or, is it more important to get my cabinets/appliances where I need them (for optimal function and workflow) then have the seam land where it will?

It's like a "chicken or egg first" conundrum. ;)

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